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Museums in Madrid

ARE you a fan of Picasso, Goya or Velazquez? Madrid’s rich art collection will take you to a handful of museums. Most of the museums also cater to children and families.
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Health in Madrid

BELOW is a list of hospitals in Madrid including an English-speaking group of medical specialists called Unidad Medica Angloamericana, as well as drugstores and accredited dentists.
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Tours in San Francisco

PROFESSIONAL and expert tour guides in San Francisco offer different ways and means to appreciate the city’s nook and crannies. Whether it’s walking tour, boat tour, bus, or helicopter ride, they guarantee visitors an experience of a lifetime. Tours are grouped in alphabetical order.
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Safety and Protection in Madrid

THE reason we created this site, particularly the Safety page, is to help tourists create memorable and stress-free travels by providing precautionary measures to safeguard them and their property from delinquents while touring the city. Delinquents are everywhere in the world, but with awareness, preparation, and some good old reliable common sense, these can be avoided. Being vigilant and learning how to react is your best protection against these non-violent crimes.
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Emergency Assistance in Madrid

KEEP the following numbers handy in the event that you need emergency assistance.

European SOS – 112
Ambulance / Medical Service – 061
Civil Guard – 062
Fire Service – 080
National Police – 091
Local Police – 092

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Banking in Madrid

BELOW are the major banks in Madrid:

BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) – 902 22 44 66
Caja Madrid – 902 246810
La Caixa – 902 200 202
Banco Santander – 902 24 24 24 / 91 273 70 06
Banesto – 902 10 12 35
Banco Popular – 902 30 10 00
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Networks in Madrid

TO place an international call from Spain, dial 00 + country code + area code + telephone number.
To call a line phone in Spain, dial + 34 + area code (e.g. 91 for Madrid) + telephone number.
To call a mobile phone in Spain, dial + 34 + mobile number.
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Transportation in Madrid

Transportation in Madrid

LOCALS describe Madrid as “una ciudad para caminar” (a city for walking) since it is better appreciated on foot. But when a whole day’s stroll finally takes its toll on your feet, sometimes your feet could use a hand by hailing a taxi or hopping on a bus or metro.
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Hotels in San Francisco

SAN Francisco boasts of hundreds of hotels in various categories. Sights and Flavors has classified these hotels according to neighborhood districts. Decide which district in San Francisco you want to stay in and then choose which among the hotels in the list you prefer the most.
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Networks in San Francisco

MOST cell phones usually function in San Francisco. However, should you need to use a local cell phone connection, the following mobile companies offer pre-paid SIM cards, as well as USB modems for laptop internet connection.For the store nearest you, visit the website of the corresponding cell phone companies.
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