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Transportation in San Francisco

GET to your destination any way you want it. The transportation system in San Francisco is well-planned and properly executed. Its world famous Cable Car serves not only the tourists but the locals as well who use the system on a daily basis to get to work.
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Media in Madrid

THE following is a comprehensive list of Spanish newspapers, radio and television network.
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Parks in Madrid

Parks in Madrid

ANYWHERE you are in Madrid, there is a park near you. Below are some of the famous parks to play, relax and recharge.
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Leisure in Madrid

WHILE vacationing in Madrid and you happen to have ample time, we have provided some leisurely activities to make such as playing golf, watching football games, bowling and fitness.
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Shops in Madrid

Shops in Madrid

ARE you a shopper who loves to haggle? Does street market excite you? Or do you fancy those upscale designers’ brand? If you love shopping, then Madrid is a place for you. Along with Paris, Dubai, and Hong Kong, Madrid is considered the world’s shopper’s Paradise.
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Around San Francisco

ATTRACTIONS don’t just stop within San Francisco. Make the most of your time while visiting Northern California. Charming places like Napa and Sonoma, Carmel and Monterey are some of the towns and villages near San Francisco with rich historic background and definitely worth visiting.
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Churches in Madrid

SPAIN is considered a Catholic country. Although there are some minority religious groups practicing their beliefs, the majority of the Spanish people still belong to the Roman Catholic religion. The churches and cathedrals in Madrid tell a rich history behind their facades and monuments. The design and architecture is magnificent and the sculptures are equally spectacular. Most of them also contain religious relics and artifacts which give visitors the same satisfaction of being in a museum.
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Movies and Theaters in Madrid

MADRID has produced a lot of homegrown talented theater artists. In fact, the city is considered as the Broadway of Spain. It is evident in the number of theaters in the central Madrid, particularly along Gran Vía. Theaters offer shows from classical, contemporary, alternative, comedy and zarzuela, among others.
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Attractions in San Francisco

SAN Francisco boasts countless spectacular attractions and sights and are source of great city pride. These attractions are grouped in alphabetical order. Feel free to browse for your own guide in exploring the city.
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Dining in San Francisco

EXPERIENCE the dining culture San Francisco is known for. It is home to diverse culinary background. From “hole in the wall” restaurants to Michelin stars and food trucks, San Francisco is truly a dining destination.
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