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Networks in Madrid

TO place an international call from Spain, dial 00 + country code + area code + telephone number.
To call a line phone in Spain, dial + 34 + area code (e.g. 91 for Madrid) + telephone number.
To call a mobile phone in Spain, dial + 34 + mobile number.

Mobile Phone Companies

The following are the major cell phone companies in Madrid:

Movistar – Address: Calle Gran Vía, 28, 28013 Madrid‎
Vodafone – Address: Plaza Puerta del Sol, 13, Madrid
Orange – Address: Calle Fuencarral, 11, Madrid
Lebara (prepaid services only) – Address: Calle Gran Via, 25, Madrid

There are two mobile phone service options you can choose from: the prepaid SIM card (prepago) and the contract (contrato) phones.

For those visiting Madrid for a short term or the holidays, buying and installing a pre-paid Spanish SIM card is recommended as it is less expensive than the international roaming service rates.

Be ready to provide your passport when buying a new SIM card. This identification is required to comply with Spanish anti-terrorism laws.

Prepaid Phones

The prepaid SIM card includes a local mobile number and a certain amount of call-time credit. The credit must be used before the expiry period and can be replenished at any service provider stores, gasoline stations, groceries, tobacco vendors, newspaper kiosks, etc. An expired credit will receive a limited service and the number may be reassigned by the service provider.

International Roaming Service

Phone service in Madrid operates on a GSM network, so most phones from other countries will most likely function although roaming charges may apply. Check with your local service provider back home its international roaming rates and compare with the Spanish prepaid rates.

Internet Services

Madrid has hundreds of internet cafes (locutorios) that provide both internet and phone services. Locutorios are setup into small cubicles with one computer unit each. Printing of simple documents is also available for a small fee. Pay phone cards which can be used for local and international calls are also sold in locutorios.

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