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Madrid City

Bienvenidos a Madrid

Somewhere in the world, it’s winter yet sunny. Where the old architecture meets the modern skyscrapers. Where culture becomes one with nature, and traditions blend harmoniously with contemporary living.Yes, somewhere in Europe, a city called Madrid sits at the heart of Spain. It is literally at the center making it a perfect destination hub where all roads lead to.

Madrid is a charming city with a population of about 3.5 million. It is the third largest city in the European Union following London and Paris.

The name Madrid originated in the 9th century when Mohammad I of Cordoba ordered the construction of a small palace which is now the Palacio Real. Near that palace was the Manzanares River which the Muslims called Al-Majrit, meaning “source of water.” From the word Majrit turned out the modern-day spelling of Madrid. It owes its modernization to King Charles III, who was one of the most popular kings in the history of the city. The saying “the best mayor, the king” became popular during those times. His statue at Puerta del Sol in front of Oso y El Madroño is Madrid’s fitting homage for his contribution to the city.

It is one of Europe’s best tourist destinations. Even visitors will agree with the locals when they say that Madrid is all about living your best quality life.

Embassies in Madrid provide diplomatic representation to the host country. They also offer assistance to their nationals, such as passport issuance and document legalization.

Embassies in Madrid

Travelers visiting Spain should contact the respective Embassy or Consulate in their country for visa requirements. Find out if you do not require a tourist visa to Spain.

Visa Requirements to Spain

Whether you want to change or cancel your booking or reconfirm your flight, your local airline can assist you. Check out the list of airlines with offices and telephone numbers in Madrid.

Airlines in Madrid

There are more than a hundred of hotels located in Madrid. Here you will find three classifications such as Budget (hostels), Mid-range (3 to 4-star) and Splurge (luxury).

Hotels in Madrid

Satisfy your palate with Madrid’s diverse cuisine. Its dining culture offers wide range of international dishes and Spain’s distinctive regional flavors and style. ¡Que aproveche!

Dining in Madrid

Getting around Madrid is easy with our useful tips and information. Several transportation options are available for travelers.

Transportation in Madrid

Stay connected while in Madrid. There are quite a few options to communicate with your family and friends back home. Find out how.

Networks in Madrid

Managing your finances while traveling is essential. We have provided useful information and guidelines to help with your banking.

Banking in Madrid

Keep these important numbers and addresses of Madrid police stations handy in the event of emergency.

Emergency Assistance in Madrid

Learn how to protect yourself against petty organized crimes. Outsmart pickpockets and thieves with these strategies.

Safety and Protection in Madrid

When it comes to medical emergency, it always pays to know which hospital, dentist or drugstore to go to.

Health in Madrid

Prado, Reina Sofia, Thyssen… these are just some of the museums in Madrid. Plan your museum trip as one full day is not enough.

Museums in Madrid

Catch the latest films in one of Madrid’s movie houses. Theaters also offer various shows starring talented homegrown artists.

Movies and Theaters in Madrid

Get to appreciate the architectural design, relics, monuments and artifacts as well as the history behind the churches in Madrid.

Churches in Madrid

Whether you’re the type to indulge in shopping, recharge with sports activities or relax in the park, Madrid is an ideal place for you.

Know where to get the latest news and information. Check out the broadcast and print media in Madrid.

Media in Madrid

Get to know the people behind the local and national government, including the Royal Household.

Government Officials in Madrid

Familiarize yourself with some basic Spanish words and phrases to help you carry on a conversation.

¿Habla Español?

These are ideas on what to do and where to go in Madrid.

Suggested Tours & Itinerary

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