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Emergency Assistance in Madrid

KEEP the following numbers handy in the event that you need emergency assistance.

European SOS – 112
Ambulance / Medical Service – 061
Civil Guard – 062
Fire Service – 080
National Police – 091
Local Police – 092

The emergency number 112 is Europe’s counterpart of U.S.’ and Canada’s 911.

Most mobile phones have preprogrammed 112 emergency number which can be used even if the phone is locked or out of coverage area.

It can be used for life-threatening emergencies such as medical services, fire, and crimes.

In times of emergency, it is essential to have the presence of mind to mention (1) your location or where the emergency is needed, (2) your name and contact number, in case you get disconnected, (3) the type of emergency, (4) deadly weapons, if any.

Emergency numbers can be made from any fixed phone, payphone or mobile phone. Calls are free.

Police Assistance to Tourists and Visitors

The Municipal Police has established an agency dedicated to assist the visitors and tourists in Madrid.

Servicio de Atencion al Turista Extranjero (SATE)
Address: Calle Leganitos 19, 28004 Madrid
Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Tel: 902 101 112 (24-hour support in English)
Tel: 915 488 537 / 915 488 008 (office)

For more information on SATE, click here.

Police Assistance

Complaints can be made either in person or by telephone (902 102 112) for the following criminal offenses:
1. Theft and robbery (with force) of and inside the vehicle, of documents and/or personal effects, inside the home or establishments.
2. Robbery with violence (snatching)
3. Missing/lost of documents and/or personal effects
4. Swindling
5. Damages / Injuries
6. Recovery of vehicles, of documents and/or personal effects

The following are the addresses of police stations within Madrid where complaints can be filed/reported:

Comisaría de Distrito Madrid Tetuán
Calle Maestro Ladrilleros, 2
28039 – Madrid (Madrid)
Tel.: 913221112
Fax: 913221111

Comisaría de Distrito Madrid Salamanca
Calle Príncipe de Asturias, 8
28006 – Madrid (Madrid)
Tel.: 914448120
Fax: 914448138

Comisaría de Distrito Madrid Retiro
Calle Huertas, 76-78
28014 – Madrid (Madrid)
Tel.: 913221027
Fax: 913221000

Comisaría de Distrito Madrid Moncloa / Aravaca
Calle Rey Francisco, 15
28008 – Madrid (Madrid)
Tel.: 915488130
Fax: 915591707

Comisaría de Distrito Madrid Hortaleza – Barajas
Calle Javier del Quinto, s/n
28043 – Madrid (Madrid)
Tel.: 913223400
Fax: 915823189

Comisaría de Distrito Madrid Chamberí
Calle Rafael Calvo, 33
28010 – Madrid (Madrid)
Tel.: 913223268
Fax: 913223263

Comisaría de Distrito Madrid Chamartín
Avenida PÍo XII, 48
28016 – Madrid (Madrid)
Tel.: 913227910
Fax: 913227911

Comisaría de Distrito Madrid La Latina
Avenida de los Poblados s/n
28047 – Madrid (Madrid)
Tel.: 917110354
Fax: 915120512

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