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San Francisco Info

Parks in San Francisco


San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is one of the world’s largest urban parks.
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Nightlife in San Francisco

EXPERIENCE San Francisco by night. The city’s entertainment scene will take you from clubs, comedy bars, to wine bars, and more.
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Transportation in San Francisco

GET to your destination any way you want it. The transportation system in San Francisco is well-planned and properly executed. Its world famous Cable Car serves not only the tourists but the locals as well who use the system on a daily basis to get to work.
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Around San Francisco

ATTRACTIONS don’t just stop within San Francisco. Make the most of your time while visiting Northern California. Charming places like Napa and Sonoma, Carmel and Monterey are some of the towns and villages near San Francisco with rich historic background and definitely worth visiting.
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Attractions in San Francisco

SAN Francisco boasts countless spectacular attractions and sights and are source of great city pride. These attractions are grouped in alphabetical order. Feel free to browse for your own guide in exploring the city.
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Dining in San Francisco

EXPERIENCE the dining culture San Francisco is known for. It is home to diverse culinary background. From “hole in the wall” restaurants to Michelin stars and food trucks, San Francisco is truly a dining destination.
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Tours in San Francisco

PROFESSIONAL and expert tour guides in San Francisco offer different ways and means to appreciate the city’s nook and crannies. Whether it’s walking tour, boat tour, bus, or helicopter ride, they guarantee visitors an experience of a lifetime. Tours are grouped in alphabetical order.
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Hotels in San Francisco

SAN Francisco boasts of hundreds of hotels in various categories. Sights and Flavors has classified these hotels according to neighborhood districts. Decide which district in San Francisco you want to stay in and then choose which among the hotels in the list you prefer the most.
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Networks in San Francisco

MOST cell phones usually function in San Francisco. However, should you need to use a local cell phone connection, the following mobile companies offer pre-paid SIM cards, as well as USB modems for laptop internet connection.For the store nearest you, visit the website of the corresponding cell phone companies.
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Theaters in San Francisco

SAN Francisco has been a setting for hundreds of Hollywood movies. Next to Broadway, it is also home to elaborate theater acts. Don’t leave San Francisco without seeing a locally produced theater performance.
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