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We are a team of brother and sister (one self-taught chef and the other a self-proclaimed jetsetter) sharing our passion for travel, food, culture... and everything in between.

We narrate unusual ways to explore places. We don’t just travel, we go behind the scenes and dig deeper. We satiate our palates with the local specialties then set up our own test kitchen recipes to make sure you get only the closest to original local dishes. It’s like talking to your best friend who just came back home after 10 years of being abroad.

Yes, you will also see an array of hotels and restaurants, attractions, shops, and whatnot. But what sets us apart is our insider’s scoop and secrets, the unadulterated facts, first-hand experience, personal anecdotes and recommendations.

We believe that there is no cookie-cutter in traveling. Every trip is a different flight – a unique episode, a learning experience, a soul-satisfying journey.

Whether you are actually planning a trip or just traveling online, we’ll help you set your destination in motion.

And when you’ve come back from your trip, please let us know how you did. We’d love to hear your own anecdotes, too. In that way, we can all spread the joy!

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Sights and Flavors has travelled to hundreds of countries all over the globe and to almost all seven continents.

Through the years of travelling, it has become our commitment to share to our fellow travelers everything we deem useful and interesting. This site was created with a promise to allot a room to anything we find worthy of mentioning – whether it’s a restaurant, a shop, a hotel, or a service that we think will benefit other travelers.

We are constantly in search of places to explore and dishes to devour. Share our passion in discovering diverse culture and knowing various languages.

Your thoughts will be our voice.

You have worked hard for years. You have saved more than enough. Your gut tells you to unwind and take that much-needed trip. You know you deserve it.

Now, where do you start? Europe or America? Asia or Africa? You have always wondered how it is to travel around the world.

Or perhaps you’ve been there and done that. You may have encountered an amazing “hole in the wall” restaurant somewhere in Bangkok, or a spectacular shop in Europe with über friendly staff.

Your thoughts and opinions are what make up Sights and Flavors. Here what you say is what really matters. Let us know what you think.

Your thoughts will be our voice.

We are explorers and food enthusiasts who take travels and dining seriously (and leisurely).

We chronicle sights of the world. We savor different flavors of cuisine.

Not just tourists, but explorers. We don't just eat, we savor.

A one-stop food and travel guide with personal stories and anecdotes not found in comprehensive travel books.

In The Spotlight

I once heard that if you find yourself in Madrid, make sure to visit El Escorial. And that’s just what I did.

After celebrating the New Year in Madrid and seeing almost the entire city, I decided to take a day trip down to El Escorial.

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If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home. - James Michener

Stories Along The Way

    PARDON me. I was on a temporary sojourn. Between traveling and eating, I got roped into hundreds of different things that a normal human being deems important in life....
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    IF circumstances were just a little friendlier to me not so many years ago, I could’ve been an architect. Or a sculptor perhaps. Not that I’m complaining for I couldn’t be any happier with what I’m into right now....
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    IT’S Sunday. You’re flight out of Madrid leaves the next day at 7 a.m. That means you need to be at Barajas Airport by 5 a.m. But there’s really nothing worse than the fact that you have not done your shopping yet. You know how Sundays are […]...
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Something To Devour

WHILE at work, I got a phone call from my good friend-slash-officemate Rose asking me if I could possibly cook for her Italian pasta with Manila clams.

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